There were five members of the Unsolved Cold Case on the November 9, 2022 zoom meeting. There was Dean Jackson. Executive Director, Bryan Crumb, investigator, Cathie Vallas McKinzie, advocacy/Case Management Supervisor, and two others, a woman and a man. I don’t know their names.

The meeting started with Cathie saying they had never gotten so much information from another person they have worked with. She praised me for all the work I had done on Mike’s case and thanked me for all the documents I had sent to them.

Then Bryan Crumb, the arson investigator, started talking. He started with how surprised he was to see that Mike’s body was behind the door He said the glass that was broken out was all jagged and that the fire caused the doors to be locked in an open position.3 He said the cottage had carpeting and that carpeting would cause a severe fire because carpeting is like gasoline. He said when Pollard opened the back door it gave a draft for the fire and the reason Pollard ran was because he had criminal charges against him and he was scared.4 He said the gas can sitting below the back door was for the furnace. He said the reason most of Mike’s head was missing was from the roof caving in and crushing his head. He said “the gas cans you are holding you got from a barn.” He said the blood in the woods wasn’t tested it could have been from someone else. He said Mike was on drugs and the fire was an accident. He belittled 42-year-veteran, Wilbur Ricker and Maine State Police, Allen Jamison’s 1981 arson investigation saying there was a lot of facts missing. He said it’s all hearsay with no proof.

Cathie demonstrated by reaching out to the right with both arms and then reaching to left with both arms while saying “we tried to put it all together but it didn’t fit.” They all told me I need to move on with my life and find something else to do. The last one to speak was the Deputy Executor Director, Dean Jackson. He also told me it was an accident that I should find something else to do with my life.
Cold Case -Uncovered murder of Michael Cochran
Maine State Police - Unsolved murder of Michael Cochran