Side View: Insurance Inspector Michael Meager took this photo on Feb. 18, 1981 while Mike's body still lay under this pile of fire rubble. He lay in this burned pile of fire rubble for six days for animals to attack along with his murderers. I was told that Mike's body was found near the round object in the lower left corner in the photo. Cold Case Foundation Fire investigator Bryan Crumb said he was surprised to see that Mike's body was found behind a door.  How could he say that since the cottage burned completely down. There is no way to tell where the doors were located.  Furthermore, Deputy Medical Examiner Ronald Roy was asked during his deposition testimony "what was the first thing that you recall about what took place at that time?” He replied "It was difficult to identify a body at the scene until it was pointed out to us, and then we were able to recognize a badly charred body lying on its stomach near the front of the building. ... and it was still within the confines of the building, what would probably be a porch area.”