Excerpts from Cathie's emails:

July 22, 2022, I received an email from Cathie that said "Your diligence is nothing short of amazing and you have done your son proud. We are doing what we can from our end."

August 5, 2022, she wrote that I am hopeful we can pull the pieces together for you and come up with a resolution. As the saying goes, not even God can change what has happened. You have amassed more information than we usually see and have afforded us the gift of being able to help. You can relax a little...we have your back."

August 13, 2022, she wrote This is a great team, and I can assure you we are going to give it our all."

September  4, 2022, An email from Hilary Romig hilary@coldcasefoundation.org said we are certainly putting our best foot forward on the case."

October 10, 2022, "We are gathering our investigative paperwork together, based on the information you have provided to us. We will be in touch next week and I will give you a Zoom time as soon as we have it completed. I am so sorry another birthday has gone by without Michael. I cannot imagine the pain as each year has ticked by. My respect for you is immense."

There was nothing in all Cathie's emails that warned me of what I would hear from the Cold Case team.