Are you a member of law enforcement? Are you a victim, or the family member of a victim? You can submit your case to the cold case foundation by clicking the the link below and filling out the cold case application. We never charge law enforcement, victims, or victim's family for our work. We are here to serve you!

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To: Cathie Vallas-McKinzie
Subject: New Form Entry: Cold Case Application

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You've just received a new submission to your Cold Case Application.
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Submitted Information:
Law Enforcement Agency Name
Maine Attorney General Office

Department Head Name
Aaron Frey

Department Head Title
Attorney General

Department Contact

Department Address
6 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333

Department Email

Name of Applicant
Leola Cochran

Email of Applicant

Phone Number of Applicant

Position of Applicant

Brief Case Summary:
I am Mike Cochran's mother. I will be 86 years old next month. In 1981 when Mike was murdered I was 44. I have spent nearly half my life trying to get justice for Mike. I was first told Mike's death was an accident. I spent years trying to find out what happened the night he was murdered while begging the Maine State Police for help, to no avail. There has been no justice for Mike and I have been told by the Attorney General's Office that there won't be any justice for Mike because the police bungled his murder. I would like before I leave this earth to see justice for my son, Mike.

Case File Number
ML 81-178

Case Classification

Type of Case

Case Status

Monies already invested on case

Resources already used on case

Time invested on case
41 years

Has a VICAP form been submitted?

Any multi-jurisdictional elements involved?

Sevices Requested.Interview / Interrogation Recommendations

Services Requested. Proactive Investigative Strategies

If OTHER, please specify _________________________________________________________________________________
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Mon, Jun 27 at 12:04 PM

Hi Leola,
Thank you for taking the time to submit your case to Uncovered. Our case research team has reviewed your case submission and has determined that it should be added to our platform.

What happens next?

Over the next few weeks, the research team will gather basic information about the victim and the circumstances of their disappearance or death. Please let us know if you have information you are willing to share that might expedite this process.

Visualization of the on Uncovered. com is a multi-step process. The next step is to create a case card that shows key details about the case, including the victim’s name and photograph, whether they were murdered, missing, or died in a suspicious manner, tip information, key dates, and location of crime.

Creation of the case card can vary but typically occurs within two weeks of this notification. Once this has been generated, you will receive an email confirming and next steps for this case will be shared.

Please let us know if you are a family member/family advocate of the victim or are law enforcement. Uncovered offers various resources and support that may be valuable to you.

Once again, thank you for alerting us to this case. It is important to us that we give a voice to all victims.

Families deserve answers, victims deserve a voice, and no one should be a statistic. Together, we can make a difference.

Warm regards,
The Uncovered Case Research Team
Cathie Vallas-McKinzie <>

Mon, Jul 4 at 12:42 PM

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting the Cold Case Foundation. The CCF’s mission is to provide resources to victim's families and law enforcement agencies. We are sorry to hear about Mike's death. Would you be willing to share more information with me? To establish if we can help in any way, we request the following documentation. Upon receipt of most of the requested records and paperwork, we will reach out to you and determine the next steps in the process.

If you could please provide us with all the information you have access to, including but not limited to:

Name, address, and location of the victim
• Case classification: Missing, Deceased, Homicide, Suicide, etc.
Summary of investigation
Investigating agency, department, or detective
Police reports/photos
Autopsy reports/photos
Current case status
(Each item in bold I sent to Cathie at Cold Case -Uncovered)

In addition, it would be helpful to have an overview of the case from the family's perspective, which may provide us with essential, vital information. No piece of information is too small. We would be happy to review it and then contact you regarding how our resources might be applied to your case at no cost to you or the law enforcement agency investigating the case. We receive a large volume of requests daily. Please know that we treat every case inquiry with the same level of interest, dignity, and respect. It may take some time for us to reply to your email. You may utilize that time to send us most, if not all the documentation required. If you are unable to obtain the paperwork, please advise us of such and we will address it accordingly.

Thank you,
Cathie Cathie Vallas-McKinzie

Cold Case Foundation, Victim Advocate / Executive Assistant ________________________________________________________________________________
From: Lee Cochran
To: Cathie Vallas-McKinzie <

Tue, Jul 5, 2022 at 9:01 PM

Hi Cathie,
you have no idea what this means to me to have someone look at Mike's brutal murder. I am sending some information on Mike's case. I hope it helps. I have much more. I didn't get Det. Ralph Pinkham's homicide report with statements done today. I will get it done tomorrow. I check what I've sent you to see how many mistakes I've made.

Thank you