The psychic began to tell Kel what she was feeling and seeing. She said she was having pain on the left side of her head and that there was something wrong with her fast. She asked Kel if it was a tragic death and Kel said yes. She said was he murdered? and Kel said yes he was. She then started telling Kel what was being said to her. She said he was shot in the face and did not die in the fire. It was immediate and he did not suffer. The men that did this to him lied to him to get him to go outside with them. They walked him into the woods and after he was shot in the face they brought him back and set the camp on fire to try cover up the crime.


This is true because I have proof of this in a recorded conversation that Richard Sargent gave me between him and his brother Percy.

This is what Percy told Richard: I understood [is] that Cormier had been there and talked to Cochran and Cochran was trying to get him to take him down out of the camp too and he wouldn’t say too much about it. But he was down there I guess, before the fire. Cormier was down there. It was just that Lionel had come down there to pick him [Pollard] up and Cochran wanted to go with them. Cochran went no place with nobody.

David Dupray told me that there was blood in the woods on his property.


Kel said the psychic said there was a large amount of money involved and that he said he got caught up with the wrong crowd. He said we wouldn’t have been able to stop him because he was not only young and stubborn but he was an addict and just wouldn’t have listened. She said that the girl involved lied that she was guilty and involved. She said he said to tell Derry not to carry guilt anymore about the falling out they had and that it was his fault and he owns that guilt.


This happened when Mike was on Indian Island with Derry. Derry was afraid the police would arrest him if they found him harboring Mike. Derry was under a lot of stress and they ended up in a fight. That is when Derry left Mike on the island went to Alaska.


The psychic said he said that he loves us [you and me) very much and that he is ok. The last thing he said was that I know the truth and it was a cover up and that he is sorry.