The information in Ryan’s letter to LaRochelle didn’t correspond with the information in Ryan’s letter to me in July of 1981. His letter to LaRochelle said that the “identification of the deceased was made initially by the circumstances, the police suspecting who it was.” That is not what Ryan wrote me in July of 1981. At that time he said “the remains were identified with certainty through the dental comparison.” But now he says he has no idea if the word “positive” was ever used” and that Mike’s body was released “upon probability of identification.” He mentions finding the scar but does not say it was on his chest as he had in his 1981 letter. Mike's body had been released for a cremation upon probability of identification because the dental comparison was not completed until June 1, 1981.
     I obtained a permit from Mt. Hope Cemetery & Crematory Corp to cremate what was left of my dear son’s severely charred body. Mike's body was cremated on February 26, 1981, one day after his autopsy. This permit was signed Henry Laitz MD. I tried to find this man but was unable to. I was told that he was living overseas.
     Why did a doctor sign a permit to cremate a body that had died under suspicious circumstances and state that "I am satisfied that no further examination or judicial inquiry concerning this death is necessary?" I wouldn't have consented to a cremation if I had been told the truth about Mike's death. I was told that it was an accident. It took me years to find out what happened to Mike.
     A February 24, 1981 death certificate states pending investigation and on June 1, 1981, four months later, it was amended to homicide. During my lawsuit against Paul Pollard, I  learned that Mike’s jaw bones were still at the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.  Mike was not identified when his body was returned to his family for a recommended cremation. In 2002, 21 years, after Mike's murder his jaw bones were returned to his family for burial. I was told that I first needed to write a letter to Jim Ferland at the CME’s office giving him permission to transfer Mike’s remains for burial.  The death certificate states "Trapped in hiuse fire."