My July 21, 1981 letter from Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Ryan is below. On the second page, first paragraph, Ryan states that "a scar was noted on the chest that was quite unusual."  He said it was explained by a past surgery and was strong corroborating evidence for identification. The surgery Micheal had was a biopsy and the scar was on his neck not his chest. The Hospital's medical report states: “With the patient under general anesthesia the skin of the neck was prepared and suitable drapes were applied. A transverse (cross ways) incision was made just above the suprasternal notch.”  The autopsy report states that the scar was "a hypertrophied scar in the midline of the sternum approximately four inches down from the sternal notch, measuring 7/8 of an inch in length by 1/4 inch in width.  
      Mike was erroneously identified as having a scar on his chest from a past surgery. No one has ever explained to me what caused the scar on Mike's chest.