Percy: "Pollard is the culprit in this whole thing,” Percy said.

Derry: “He shot Mike?”

Percy: “Freaked out, didn’t know what to do about the body and you know, just poured gasoline over the inside of that place and lit her up.”

Derry: “He shot Mike, didn’t he?” Derry repeated.

Percy: “I believe so.”

Derry: “You believe so. Is that what you said, you believe so?”

Percy: “... Well see, Pollard thought that night, when they were sitting there listening to a police, that police scan radio, was that Mike had called the cops after I left that house to set up that drug deal or something like that and people get paranoid on coke and you know, it’s hard to explain their actions or anything and he just figured he’d done it before so why not do it again, you know? And that’s what we’re gonna try to bring up in this trial of mine next month.”