1. Gas cans: evidence for fingerprints—negative results—2/19/81
2. Autopsy report—Upper and lower jaws removed for further dental identification—2/25/81
3. Certificate of Death—Pending Investigation —2/25/81
4. Crime Lab Analysis ReportNo blood type determined, sample unsuitable to work on—William Cochran 2/25/81
5. Permit to cremate —"I am satisfied that no further examination of judicial inquiry concerning this death is necessary" — 2/26/1981
6. Public Health Lab Report—cocaine and nicotine were detected in the urine [no level reported]. The blood contained an alcohol l of .01 gms/100 ml. The blood contained a carbon monoxide level of 46% saturation—2/27/81
7. Diagram of the cottage Hinges found in open position indicating door open at time of fire. Door closer in open position—3/2/81 (8” from entry door to skull of body)
8. Broken bits of window glass & burned carpet—The unburned glass and carpet that Fire Marshal Ricker found under Mike’s body on 2/24/81.—3/5/81.
9. Crime Lab. Evidence —5mm rifle w/firing pin impression —3/6/81
10. Cause of Death Supplement— changed to homicide—6/1/81—95 days after Mike’s body was cremated.