This is a statement Maine State Police Det. Barry Shuman took from Paul Pollard in Massachsetts on Feburary 12, 1985 when his murder/arson case against Roger Johnson, Richard Sargent and  William Myers was falling apart.
In a statement Linda Gray gave Det. Shuman on February 24, 1981 and in a statement she gave MSP Trp. Ronald Graves on March 3, 1981 she said Pollard was on the couch in the living room asleep when she left the cottage after midnight. He was not in a back room as Pollard tells Shuman. During Fire Inspector Ricker's expert testimony he said the cottage exploded from gas fumes disputing all of Pollard story about how he went out of the cottage and back in to feel around in the smoke to get his clothes, got dressed and went out again.
The story Pollard gave Shuman about staying in the woods until after daylight and walking to a residence to call his brother, Cormier, for a ride is disputed by Fire chief Noman Herrin's deposition testimony. He  followed Pollard to the highway where Cormier picked him up. The call to Cormier, was a staged call. Percy Sargent told me that Cormier and Pollard was at his mother's home telling that Mike's body would be found in a fire at Lucerne Lake before he and Cormier went back to Lucerne to stage their call.
Pollard told Shuman that the day Mike's body was found in the six-day old fire rubble he went to the Bangor PD to get his rental car that the Maine DEA had impounded. According to Erwin Cross Pollard's car was seen at the murder scene. Pollard says when he went to the Bangor PD he got arrested on an old traffic ticket but that was a false statement. Pollard was arrested for forgery not an old traffic ticket.
In Pollard's statemant to Shuman he said that he. Lionel and Dick (it was not Dick Sargent it was Percy Sargent according to Fire Inspector Ricker's testimony.)   drove to the murder scene before Mike was found and they wondered on the way down why the cops hadn't found the body.
Pollard also told Shuman that he, Lionel and Dick (it was Percy Sargent)  went to the camp fire (murder scene) "either the first or second day after it happened." He says Lionel and Dick (Percy Sargent) pawed around in the bubble looking for Mike's body.
Pollard told Shuman that he was scared of Percy Sargent but after the statement was typed up he changed this by crossing out scared of him and hand wrote in "what might happen to me." He said after a trooper came to the house looking for him and Lionel, he and Percy Sargent hid in the woods that night. The three of them, Percy, Cormier and Pollard, fled the State of Maine after the police left. He said at that time he was scared because he knew someone committed a murder and he thought it was these guys (Percy Sargent and Cormier) but he crossed that out and wrote in that "they convinced me it was Buddy Johnson." Sharon Sargent at that time said Johnson was one of the men who murdered Mike, but she later retraced her testimony and accused Shuman of feeding her the information. 
In this part of Pollard's statement he tells Shuman that he felt that he was going to end up taking the rap for them (Percy and Cormier) in the murder of Cochran.  After the three, Percy, Cormier and Pollard, fled the State of Maine he hid out at at girl friend's place in Rhode Island. He called his father and his father told him to go back to Maine and "we would take care of it." He went back to Maine and went to court for forgery. Shuman arrived with an arrest warrant for a drive-by shooting and took him back to jail.

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