This is a statement Maine State Police Det. Barry Shuman took from Paul Pollard in Massachsetts on Feburary 12, 1985 when Shuman's murder/arson case against Roger Johnson, Richard Sargent and  William Myers was falling apart.
In this statement Pollard told Det. Shuman that he, Lionel and Dick (it was not Dick Sargent it was Percy Sargent who went to the murder scene with Cormier and Pollard.) drove to the murder scene before Mike was found and they wondered on the way down why the cops hadn't found the body.
Pollard also told Shuman that he, Lionel and Dick (it was Percy Sargent)  went to the camp fire (murder scene) "either the first or second day after it happened." He says Lionel and Dick (Percy Sargent) pawed around in the bubble looking for Mike's body.
In this part of Pollard's statement he tells Shuman that he felt that he was going to end up taking the rap for them (Percy and Cormier) in the murder of Cochran. The three (Percy, Cormier and Pollard), fled the State of Maine after Fire Investigator Ricker caught them at the murder scene. Pollard hid out at his girl friend's place in Rhode Island and from there he called his father and told him a man died and he was scared. His father told him to go back to Maine and "we would take care of it." He returned to Maine and went to court for forgery. Shuman arrived with an arrest warrant for reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon (firing 5 bullets into a home) and arrested him and took him back to jail.