Paul Pollard returns to Maine to testify against his brother
I had a better understanding of why Shuman and Pinkham had been so cold toward me. They had no intention of arresting the men who murdered Mike and I was just a nuisance to them. Shuman had given a criminal the information she gave the grand jury against three innocent men. And I had heard Shuman testify in July that he "had to talk to the District Attorney before any type of bargain was made" for Pollard to be "free for prosecution in Mike's murder."
     I also knew that Shuman’s testimony in July about not knowing anything about the Dolan robberies before Pollard told him on the 12th of February, 1985 didn’t correspond with the interviews he had done with Sharon Sargent, David Harriman, Richard Sargent, and Roger Johnson.
      I was hoping to learn more about Paul Pollard during Cormier’s trial and I was not disappointed. The trial started with Penobscot County DA Christopher Almy telling the jury that the crimes went unsolved for many years until Cormier’s half-brother Paul Pollard, who participated in the fruits of the crimes, provided evidence. He told the jury that Pollard had been granted immunity from prosecution on the crimes.

August 27, 1986
Charles Dolan testifies
Homicide Det. Barry Shuman testifies
Paul Pollard testifies
Robert Smith testifies
News reports the trial

On the second day of the trial Martha Harris filed two motions with the court.  She first requested a mistrial be granted on behalf of her client, Lionel Cormier.  The foreman of the jury had received a series of anonymous telephone calls the previous night.
    Justice Beaulieu dismissed the foreman and spent the morning interviewing the remaining jury members as to their knowledge about the telephone calls. The trial continued after another foreman was appointed.
    In Harris’ second motion she requested Judge Beaulieu allow her to question Pollard  about the cabin fire and other crimes with which he may have been involved in an attempt to impeach the witness. She also asked permission to question Pollard’s attorney, Marvin Glazier.
     After the trials were over Richard gave me copies of transcribed court documents from the trials. Included in the documents was the hearing  that was held on Harris’ motion to question Paul Pollard about his crimes.

August 28, 1986
Attorney Harris' motion
Robert Smith testifies
News reports the trial
With the jury not present in the courtroom, on the third day of Cormier’s trial, Ms. Harris called Pollard’s attorney, Marvin Glazier, to the stand on behalf of her client, Lionel Cormier.

Pollard's attorney testifies
Homicide Det. Shuman testifies
News reports the trial