David Harriman is another informant. Shuman is questioning him concerning Mike's murder. Harriman's interview was not used as evidence against Richard Sargent, Roger Johnson and William Myers in Mike's murder. Only Sharon Sargent's information was used to indict the three men.
Shuman tells Harriman that Percy Sargent sent a call to have Mike taken care of but yet he never spoke with Percy instead he tried to frame three innocent men for Mike's murder. What did Percy Sargent, Paul Pollard and Lionel Cormier know that gave them a free pass for Mike's murder? I would like know before I die what happened the night Mike was murdered that caused Maine's law officials to work so hard to cover-up for the men who murdered him.
Shuman lies to Harriman when he says “Dickie Sargent and this other guy, I'll think of his name in a minute, showed up while the Fire Marshall was there, when he was there.” It was Percy Sargent and Lionel Cormier who showed up while the Fire Marshal was there and Fire Inspector Ricker told Shuman that it was Percy Sargent who showed up with Cormier. Shuman is trying to frame Richard Sargent and he lies to do it. This is why I call Maine State Police Det. Barry Shuman a "dirty cop".