I contacted Maine Senator George Mitchell for help
The fall of 1989, a couple months after Mr. Pollard’s deposition, my son, Derry and I attended a town meeting at Bangor City Hall. The speaker was Maine Senator George Mitchell. After the meeting we got a chance to speak with the Senator and he agreed to take a look at some of the documents I had acquired concerning Mike’s murder. He sent them on to Maine Attorney General James Tierney. I was informed that this was something that Senator Mitchell could only try once and he did not want to make more than one request on an issue that didn’t fall under a senator’s authority. I received the following letter from Clyde MacDonald, Senior Field Representative to Senator Mitchell.

Mr. MacDonald’s October 12, 1989 letter:
Shortly after October 1st, I called the Attorney General Tierney at Senator Mitchell’s request. I had been surprised to read in the packet you sent to Senator Mitchell that Senator [William] Cohen’s office had brought this matter to Mr. Tierney’s attention 3 or 4 years ago.

As a favor to Senator Mitchell, Attorney General Tierney agreed to receive the material you had submitted and he will instruct his staff to make one more review. Senator Mitchell will write to you after he receives a response from Mr. Tierney.
A copy of Senator Mitchell’s October 11, 1989 letter to AG James Tierney was included:
Mrs. Cochran provided me with the enclosed material, which she claims should be sufficient to identify and prosecute the person responsible for the violent death of her son.

I realize your staff has reviewed at least some of the evidence in this case. Nonetheless, I would appreciate it if you review the enclosed material in order to determine whether it justifies further legal action.
I received another letter from Senator Mitchell’s office with a copy of his response from AG Tierney dated November 1, 1989:
Enclosed is a copy of the inconclusive response that Senator Mitchell received from Maine Attorney General James E. Tierney. It appears that Mr. Tierney did review the material that Senator Mitchell forwarded from you.
Attorney General Tierney's letter:
My staff has reviewed the material which accompanied your letter of October 11 to me. Since this case is still open, I am not at liberty to disclose the specifics of that investigation. It appears that the information that is included with your letter is intended to prove that Paul Pollard and/or Lionel Cormier murdered Micheal Cochran. This material had already been seen by our office and contains nothing which would specifically tie either Pollard or Cormier to the killing.

Mrs. Cochran has hired Attorney Michael Popkin of Augusta to assist her in this case. Michael Westcott from my office has informed Attorney Popkin that he would be willing to sit down with him to discuss any new evidence which he may have.