Letter from Assistant AG Thomas Goodwin
I received my first and only letter from Assistant AG Thomas Goodwin on December 5, 1989. I hadn’t heard from him for five years. But now he wrote that he was back on Mike’s nearly nine-year-old murder case.

Goodwin had left the Attorney General’s Office sometime after the state had dismissed the murder indictments against Richard Sargent, Roger Johnson, and William Meyers in 1985 and had gone to work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Apparently he was back to work in the Maine Attorney General’s office.

 Goodwin’s letter:
This is to advise you that the investigation of Micheal’s death has again been assigned to me. As you are aware, I was well up to speed on the case when I left this office in 1987, and I have had the opportunity to review what has occurred since then (Not much, I regret to say)”.

If you have thoughts you wish to convey to this office, I will be glad to have them, preferably in letter form, because I find that the contents of telephone calls tend to get lost. I will also be glad to advise you of any significant developments in the case in the same way.
If he was up to speed I didn't know it. I never heard from Goodwin after the arson/murder indictments against Richard Sargent, Roger Johnson and William Myers were dismissed in 1985. The only information I had seen from Mr. Goodwin was on October 2, 1986 when the Bangor Daily News reported that he had told the news that "Maine State Police do not anticipate any arrests in the near future." And that the “state police uncovered evidence that Cochran was associating with other drug traffickers during his fugitive period and that he may have been involved in some plans to steal quantities of cash and drugs from other narcotics dealers.”
      And especially after that article, I had absolutely no thoughts I wanted to convey to Mr. Goodwin.

 What I didn’t know at the time of Goodwin’s letter was that Attorney Popkin was visiting the Attorney General’s Office and giving them information from my lawsuit as we collected it.