Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Ryan and Dr. John C. Seidel exchange letters
May 21, 1981, letter from Dr. Henry Ryan to Dr. John C. Seidel, D.M.D. states:
I still have two problems with this report. 1) The x-rays from the Maine Youth Center were not received back with your reports. We would like to at least duplicate them and file the x-rays. Also I did not receive any comparison x-rays from the deceased made with standard dental technique. Could you advise on the whereabouts of the above? Were they returned to the MYC? Were there any post mortem films done at your office?

2) I generally believed that the most definitive identification could be made upon the comparison of dental x-rays pre and post mortem and you did not mention in your report that such was done. If we can again locate the antemortem x-rays, would you like to make such a comparison as an addendum to your report in preparation for this case going to court?
May 28, 1981, letter from Dr. John C. Seidel, D.M.D. to Dr. Henry Ryan, M.D.
Thank you for the format package enclosed in your most recent letter. The type of standardization which it establishes will help very much to avoid the problem which I have had with the Michael Cochran, 81-178 case. Concerning case 81-178, there were no films taken by me at the time of post mortem examination. The films taken at the MYC were bite wing films taken prior to the extraction of teeth 2, 3, 14, 19, 30, and restorative treatment. At the time I did not feel that they would be helpful. However, in retrospect and in light of our recent discussion for the legal implications, I would agree that films should be standard operating procedure. The next problem, as to the whereabouts of the bit wing films marked Michael Cochran, to the best of my knowledge the x-rays were in a 11/2” by 3” manilla envelope enclosed with the MYC record and were sent with the other case charts on March 26, 1981 to your office. If it is possible at this time, I would suggest that I take post mortem bit wing films, if necessary, a comparison can be made. I apologize for the confusion on this case and will help in any way to get it resolved.
May 29, 1981, letter from Henry F. Ryan, M.D. to Anthony A. Seato, Acting Superintendent at Maine Youth Center.
On February 25, 1981 you supplied us with dental x-rays on the above, and requested that they be returned. As the identification was made of the body found at Dedham, February 24, 1981, as that of Michael Cochran on the basis of dental comparison and as the death is suspicious for criminal involvement, we would like to have a copy of the dental films made for later use in proving identity. Could you either have copies made for us or supply us again with the films so that copies may be made and the originals promptly returned?
June 1, 1981, Cause of death supplement changed from pending investigation to Homicide.