Percy Sargent's letter and the envelope is below. The reason I copied the envelope is because Det. Barry Shuman told me he didn't believe that the letter actually came from Percy Sargent.
Dear Mrs. Cochran,

Read your editorial on March 26 and I feel as strongly as you do about the district attorney and the police in the Bangor area.     
    Now some new events maybe coming up in Micheal's death, which I'm sure won't come up unless there is some pressure put on the district attorney.
     The new suspect is Paul Pollard. He was the one at the camp the night of the fire He has been granted immunity to testify against his brother, Lionel Cormier who is in the Penobscot County Jail.
    Now Lionel is trying to make a deal with the District Attorney to have his robbery charge dropped and he will testify against his brother. This is his half brother, that’s why the names are not the same.
      Now Lionel Cormier pick(ed) Paul Pollard up the night of the fire right after the fire so Lionel Cormier knows the truth as to what happen[ed] that night. But to get the district attorney Christopher Almy to do anything and bring it out in the open, that is another thing.    
     Mrs. Cochran if we could get A. Jay Higgins to do a little investigating we might find out the truth once and for all. I know I would like to find out, as I know you would. If Mr. Higgins is still with the Bangor Daily News you should get in touch with him.    
     There is still much more we can do and I will help in any way I can. I can tell you much more, but I'm not even sure this your address. When I do find out if you have gotten this letter I will write or call again.