3. Pinkham says he learned that David Dupray, Percy Sargent and Percy Cote had been arrested on drug trafficking charges.  Pinkham was part of the Maine DEA undercover sting the night Mike was murdered. He made a recommendation to the court for Cote not to be sent to state prison because of his undercover work with the DEA in many drug cases.

4. Richard's mother, Frances Sargent and his sister, Linda Harriman's affidavits say that Lionel Cormier and Paul Pollard came to the Sargent home the morning of Feb. 18, 1981, six days earlier,  and told them that a body would be found in a camp in Dedham. neither Pinkham nor Shuman never spoke with Frances Sargent or Linda Harriman.
.5. Pinkham says later in the day on February 24, 1981 he was advised by the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Ryan that the body had been positively identified as that of Micheal Cochran. I wrote Dr. Ryan asking how he could advise Pinkham that the body was positively identified as Micheal Cochran before he left the arson/murder scene. 

6. Pinkham says that Rose Kenny said she and her son David Dupray first leaned about their cottage burning at 9:30 am on Feb. 18, 1981. Bangor Det. Roger Bryce was the one that approached them at District Court and told them that their cottage had burned. This was 5 1/2 hours after Pollard was seen fleeing the murder scene.  When Bangor PD Bryce  was told about the fire was he not told that a man was seen running from it?
 7. Pinkham says that an inmate by the name of Elrick told him that he overheard Percy Sargent tell David Harriman, another inmate, that he thought Micheal Cochran had set him up for the drug bust and that Percy had made a call to have Cochran "taken care of." Neither Pinkham or Shuman ever spoke with Percy Sargent.
     In Pinkham's statement of what he says Erick told him he says that Harriman was also upset at Micheal Cochran because he believed that Cochran had ripped him off for $3,500. In 2011, I met Harriman and asked him about Pinkham's statement that said he was up set with Mike because he believed  he ripped him off for $3,500. Harriman told me that he had never met Mike and he did not tell Pinkham that.
     Pinkham also said that Elrick overhead another conversation between Harriman and another inmate in which it was mentioned that Micheal Cochran was killed before the fire and stuffed under a porch and that the cottage was burned down around him. That does does not correspond with Dr. Roy's testimony that Mike died from smoke inhalation and there were no injuries to his body.

8. Pinkham and Shuman both state in their affidavits that the reason they could not investigate Mike's murder was because of his involved in the drug underworld that no one in the underworld would would cooperate with them.
     I have the same answer for Pinkham and Shuman:
     I find this very offensive. Mike was not so involved in the drug underworld that his murder could not be investigated. Mike's only drug arrest was when undercover drug agents entered an apartment, he was living in with 2 other tenants, with a search warrant and found two pounds of marijuana, 350 amphetamine tablets, 150 LSD tables and assorted paraphernalia. The police estimated the street value of the contraband at about $2,000.   I am not condoning Mike's actions when I say this was his only drug arrest. I believe involvement in any amount of drugs is very dangerous to young people. It destroys their lives. It destroyed Micheal's life.  But for Shuman and Pinkham to say Mike caused his own death is as low as they could go. There were times when Shuman and Pinkham told things about Mike to belittle him.
     In David Dupray's February 24, 1981 statement he told Shuman “that he feels it was Percy [Sargent] that ripped off $3800 that was in the trunk of his car.” Two days later, February 26, 1981, Pinkham took a statement from Robert Elrick.  The inmate who overheard Percy tell David Harriman that he sent a call to have Mike taken care of. Pinkham says that Harriman was also upset with "Cochran because he thought that a few days before Sargent's arrest  that Cochran ripped him (Harriman) off for $3500."
     In 2011,  I met David Harriman. I asked him about Pinkham's statement that said he was up set with Mike because he believed  he ripped him off for $3,500. Harriman told me that he had never met Mike and he did not tell Pinkham that.
     June of 1981, David Dupray went on trial for drug trafficking the night of Feb. 18, 1981 and he was found guilty.  Nov. 13, 1981, David Dupray was sentenced.  His attorney asked the Judge to allow him to correct part of a Probation Officer’s comments. He said the officer said that “[David] was attacked by a Mr. Cochran and a Mr. Ballard and  by Mr. Sargent at a parking lot. That is not what my client says. He said he was attacked by Mr. Sargent, just a factual statement that we wanted to make sure was correct.”
      Why would a probation officer add Cochran to the attack on David Dupray when Dupray didn't say that. He told the officer that it was Percy Sargent?
     When Richard Sargent was arrested December 5, 1984 Shuman and Pinkham interviewed (page 7) him in his cell at the Hancock jail. Shuman told Richard that “Percy and Cochran were going to make a hit on Charlie Dolan”  Which was another of their lies. Percy Sargent told his brother, Richard, that Mike wanted nothing to do with the drug robberies.

9. The information Sharon Sargent provided to the officers concerning Mike's murder was not consistent. When Sharon first spoke with the Bangor Police she said David Dupray burned his own cottage and that she didn't know who hit him.  And the interview Shuman had with Sharon on  July 24, 1984 and the interview Carl Andrews had with her, while she was incarcerated at the jail on Oct. 12, 1984, were not consistant.
     Pinkham says information Sharon Sargent provided about Mike's arrest and escape was corroborated by other sources of information. What other sources corroborated her information?  I know for a fact that Linda Gray, Mike's girlfriend, helped him escape from the courthouse. She came to my home and told me she had hid Mike and wouldn't say where she took him. She said because she promised him she wouldn't tell anyone.  Linda told Shuman in her March 1981 statement that Mike stayed in different places and she visited him every day.  Shuman didn't ask her why she didn't tell the authorities where he was.  But DA David Cox accused me of causing Mike's murder because I didn't turn him in.

11. Again Pinkham and Shuman depended completely on Sharon Sargent's story that was not corroborated with additional information.  If they had additional information why didn't they product it when the state had to dismiss the indictments against Richard Sargent, Roger Johnson and William Myers.

12. I wrote Maine State Police Captain LaMontagne in 1986 about my concerns with a new investigator assigned Mike's case with Det. Shuman as his supervisor. I never got an answer.  He just ignored my letter.