Statements taken by Det. Ralph Pinkham:
1. 2/24/81 Ronald St. Pierre—2. 2/24/81 - David Dupray’s carpenter — Bangor PD- Penobscot County
2. 2/24/81 - Rose Kenney—2/24/81 - David Dupray’s mother and co-owner of cottage—Bangor PD-Penobscot County
3. Robert Elrick—2/26/1981 - Inmate who overheard Percy Sargent say he’d sent a call to have Mike taken care of—Penobscot County Jail
4. Ronald St. Pierre—03/11/81 - 2nd interview — DA Davis Cox’s office
5. Carl Willoughby—03/11/81 - Car salesman ID car sold for a raffle—Dealership