Why was the rest of Fire Marshal Wilbur Ricker's information discounted?
Ricker said during his deposition that the doors were locked open to create a draft for the fire, an explosion blew the window glass out of the building and that Mike was on the floor before the fire and gas was poured on him. Ricker in his deposition said Shuman and Pinkham said Mike fell down from bed. He said he was willing to fight over that because he was on the floor before the fire. Ricker disputed statements Pollard' gave to Shuman on  March 3, 1980 and February 12, 1985. Ricker followed Pollard's tracks in the snow to the highway where he was picked up and saw two boot tracks, not one boot print and a shirt tired around the other foot as Pollard said. He said no person would be alive in the log cabin to go outside and back inside to get clothes with rafters falling
     Ricker said the morning he found Mike Percy Sargent and Lionel Cormier arrived at the murder scene.  He said when they saw him they looked like two deer caught under a jack lantern. After this happened Pollard, Cormier and Percy Sargent fled the state (In Shuman's 2-24-1981 homicide investigative report he says that Ricker told him Percy Sargent and Lionel Cormier arrived at the murder scene but Shuman changes Percy name to Richard Sargent's name in Pollard's 2-12-85 statement.)
      Ricker said he was never contacted again by the state police after he submitted his fire report at a state police meeting the day after Mike was found, Feb. 25, 1981.