This is an excerpt from a 30 page interview Det. Shuman and DA Christopher Almy (Do prosecutor's interview people they are going to prosecute?) took from Robert Smith on December 30, 1985. Ten months after Shuman's February 12, 1985 meeting with  Pollard in Massachusetts.

 Robert Smith told Detective Shuman and Penobscot County DA Almy that Pollard had to clean up the fire incident before he, Pollard and Cormier could carry out the second armed robbery on Charles Dolan.
     Smith said, "I think that was right around the same time I know—I know, he was involved in that—was right around the same time frame—where Paul was arrested for that that—that ah fire that, that guy got killed in and um maybe they had to wait until that got settled.”
     Det. Shuman’s Investigation Report states that on March 25, 1981 “Lloyd Blethen, Bangor Police Department, conducted Polygraph Examination of Paul Pollard.
      Smith told the law officials that  he, Pollard and Cormier went to Dolan’s residence to rob him on the 26th (day after Pollard's polygraph) but Dolan had company. They went back on the 27th and committed the armed robbery.
     I believe that Maine State Police Detective Shuman and Penobscot County DA Almy gave these dangerous men freedom to continue committing crimes. A little more than one month after they killed Mike they beat Dolan severely—breaking ribs, facial bones, and cutting off one of his ears. They then left him tied up and bleeding while they took off with $31,000. He was able to untie himself and get someone to take him to a hospital. The state then arrested three innocent men for Mike’s murder.