February 24, 1981

... Ths writer would take the necessary photographs at the scene and that the arson investigators would take the necessary evidence for analysis and there was no need for the crime lab to respond.
Inspector Ricker advised that while Det. Jamison went to make the phone call two people arrived on the property, Lionel Cormier of Bangor and Percy Sargent of Monroe. ... Both Sargent and Cormier appeared surprised to see Ricker and departed the scene shortly after telling him(Ricker) who they were.
Never interviewed.

Interviewed Fire Chief Norman Herrin.  Herrin said it is an extract from his missing fire report.

March 4, 1981
Interviewed Mark Ashe - missing from discovery

Interviewed John Clark of Dedham. missing from discovery

March 25, 1981
Det. LLoyd Blethan, Bangor Police Department, conducted Polygraph Examination of Paul Pollard. [Why didn't the Maine State Police conduct the polygraph examination?] Preliminary results showed Pollard truthful as far as knowledge of who started the fire at the Dupray camp.  Exam not turned over in discovery.