Det. Barry Shuman arson/murder investigation   2-24-1981 - 3-11-1981
 Statements taken by Shuman:

1. 2/24/81 Norman Herrin—Lucerne Fire Chief—Exstract from Herrin's missing fire report
2. 2/24/81 Linda Gray—Mike’s girlfriend—Bangor PD—Penobscot County
3. 2/24/81 David Dupray—Co-owner of cottage—Arrested in 2/18/81 DEA drug sting—Bangor PD—Penobscot County
4. 2/25/81 Robert RideoutPolice informantBangor PD—Penobscot County—interviewed 3 times
5. 2/25/81 Joann Johnson—Called in fire alarm—Residence
6. 2/27/81 Carla Phair—Lionel Cormier’s girlfriend—DA Cox’s office—Penobscot County.
7. 3/03/81 Paul Pollard—Man seen fleeing arson/murder scene, wiping hands—Penobscot County Jail.
8. 3/03/81 Carla Phair—2nd interview—By Trooper Ronald Graves—Not listed in Shuman’s report—Bangor PD—Penobscot County
9. 3/3/81 Linda Gray—Mike’s girlfriend—Bangor PD—Penobscot County
10. 3/04/81 Mark Ashe—Pollard claims he hid in Ashe’s garage—By Cpl. Barry Shuman—not turned over in discovery
11. 3/04/81 John Clark—Pollard claims he used the Clark phone—By Cpl. Barry Shuman—not turned over in discovery
112. 3/05/81 Paul Pollard—2nd interview—No place given (But records show Pollard was in Penobscot county jail)
13. 3/06/81 David Dupray—2nd interview—No place given
114. 3/10/81 Roger Johnson—Arrested Dec. 5, 1984 for murder/arson—Bangor PD—Penobscot County
15. 3/11/81 Richard Sargent—Arrested Dec. 5, 1984 for murder/arson —Shuman’s cruiser 
16. 3/11/81 Heidi Chabot—Richard Sargent’s girlfriend—Residence

Not one of the interviews had been recorded during Shuman's 1981 so-called murder investigation. The statements were in Shuman’s words of what he said had been told to him—easy to manipulate in my belief.