Shuman’s 1981 Investigation Report list 16 statements taken—Four of the people  were interviewed twice. Norman Herrin said his statement was an extract from his lost fire report and two vital statements were missing from the state’s discovery documents. This makes 11 statements taken with 2 missing.
     The statements start on the 24th of February (the day Mike was found) and end on March 11th—a two week period. Mike was murdered in Hancock County, but the investigation was conducted in Penobscot County, DA Cox’s jurisdiction.
     Six of the statements were done at the Bangor Police Department, one at Penobscot County District Attorney’s David Cox’s office, two were done at the Penobscot County Jail and two were not turned over in discovery. Not one statement was done in Hancock County—the county where Mike was murdered—or at the Maine State Police Barracks.  The statements were taken in Penobscot County, DA David Cox's jurisdiction, county where drug sting occurred.

Statements taken by Shuman:

1. 2/24/81 Norman Herrin—Lucerne Fire Chief—Arson Murder Scene
2. 2/24/81 Linda Gray—Mike’s girlfriend—Bangor PD- Penobscot County
3. 2/24/81 David Dupray—Co-owner of cottage—Arrested in 2/18/81 DEA drug sting—Bangor PD- Penobscot County
4. 2/25/81 Robert RideoutPolice informantBangor PD- Penobscot County—interviewed 3 times
5. 2/25/81 Joann Johnson—Called in fire alarm—Residence
6. 2/27/81 Carla Phair—Lionel Cormier’s girlfriend—DA Cox’s office -Penobscot County.
7. 3/03/81 Paul Pollard—Man seen fleeing arson/murder scene, wiping hands—Penobscot County Jail.
8. 3/03/81 Carla Phair—2nd interview—By Trooper Ronald Graves—Not listed in Shuman’s report—Bangor PD- Penobscot County
9. 3/3/81 Linda Gray——Mike’s girlfriend—Bangor PD- Penobscot County
10. 3/04/81 Mark Ashe—Pollard claims he hid in Ashe’s garage—By Cpl. Barry Shuman—not turned over in discovery
11. 3/04/81 John Clark—Pollard claims he used the Clark phone—By Cpl. Barry Shuman—not turned over in discovery
112. 3/05/81 Paul Pollard—2nd interview—No place given (But records show it was at Penobscot county jail)
13. 3/06/81 David Dupray—2nd interview—No place given
114. 3/10/81 Roger Johnson——Arrested Dec. 5, 1984 for murder/arson—Bangor PD- Penobscot County
15. 3/11/81 Richard Sargent—Arrested Dec. 5, 1984 for murder/arson —Shuman’s cruiser
16. 3/11/81 Heidi Chabot—Richard Sargent’s girlfriend—Residence

Not one of the interviews had been tape-recorded during the 1981 so-called murder investigation. The statements were in Shuman’s words of what he said had been told to him with information learned in the present, past, and future, along with notes added by the detective—easy to manipulate in my belief.
     The homicide detectives had never contacted our family to give information or ask a single question. The only contact was when Shuman arrived at Derald's work place to ask for Mike’s dental records the day after Mike was found and never came back.
     By the time I learned that Mike was murdered, Shuman and Pinkham were done taking statements. 'The statements end on March 11, 1981.
     Assisting Maine State Police Detective Cpl. Shuman in his two week investigation were MSP Trooper Ronald Graves, Det. Ralph Pinkham, Shuman’s supervisor, and Bangor Police Lt. Roger Bryce.