Paul Pollard hospitalized for drug addiction
During Owen Pollard's August 1989 deposition he said that Paul had drug problems in 1980 and 1981. He said he recalled that Paul was “going to the University of Massachusetts. [Assumption College in Worcester, MA. is not the University of Massachusetts]. He came home for Christmas and I just had a sense that things weren’t well or right with him and he left like the day after Christmas to go back, I assumed to Massachusetts; and so I wrote a letter to him telling him that I sensed that all was not well with him, that I was really concerned about him and I was willing to help him in doing whatever he needed to do, but I’d have to know what it was. ... he reappeared and I attached his reappearance with having received the letter, but he hadn’t received it. ...
     "He told me and very painfully that he had a problem with drugs, that he felt he was addicted and that he needed help.”     
     Owen said he first wanted Paul to talk with a psychiatrist he knew at Augusta General Hospital. He said he went with him to the hospital. The psychiatrist recommended Paul initially be hospitalized at Augusta General and some diagnostic work done and that he subsequently should go to the treatment unit at Seton Hospital in Waterville. Owen said Paul returned to school the following fall [1982].
     The authorities were not only cleaning up Pollard's crimes they were also trying to clean him up for drug addiction after Mike's murder. Why?