Paul Pollard fired 5 bullets through the home of Walter Young. Sheriff Glenn Ross marked on his diagram where the shots hit the house. He  wrote "bullet holes" beside the top three holes and also beside the two lower holes.
    After finding the file on Pollard at Bangor Superior Court, I contacted Mrs. Young and she willingly spoke with me. She told me that one bullet hit a wall only a couple of feet over a bed where a child was sleeping. DA David Cox and Assistant AG Pat Perrino's dismissed Pollard's indictment for reckless conduct stating Governmental Fair Play demanded the indictment be dismissed.  What was fair play about that?
      Mrs. Young said her understanding was that something was bargained away and that they were too scared to pursue it any further because they were told that the men were dangerous.
Pollard told Sheriff Ross that he "stopped at a clear space along the road. It was dark and I didn't think there were any houses. I got out of the car and took a couple of shots at a sign. It was a directional sign. I fired a couple of shots but didn't empty it because I was too afraid of someone becoming upset."
     I travelled to Old Town and took photos of the directional sign and the Young house that was struck with five bullets from Pollard’s .357 Smith & Wesson.
The photos above show that the road sign is not in line with the Young house. My car can be seen sitting beside the snow bank.  I walked down the road to get a better view of the road sign and Young’s house.