My attorney sold me out

April 6, 1990, two weeks after Dr. Roy’s March 23, 1990 deposition, my attorney sent a letter to Marvin Glazier informing him of what he was removing from Dr. Roy’s deposition.
"I want to excise everything that has to do with the dental identification or with identification generally; a small bit of testimony that has to do with visual preliminary test for carbon monoxide in the blood, which Dr. Roy said was not done in this case; everything that has to do with the paper records generated by Dr. Roy, the death certificate, etc.; everything that has to do with the identification of the medical examiner’s file, the file number, etc.; and most of what Dr. Roy said about the gasoline on the body issue.

On the last point, I will be presenting some of Dr. Roy’s testimony, specifically, where he says he has seen [photos of] other bodies as badly charred—one from a trailer and one from a car, etc. ... I want to simply front-end this issue with two or three questions and leave it at that.
On the 9th of April, Popkin sent another letter to Mr. Glazier concerning excising everything to do with gas on the Mike:
Enclosed please find a marked up copy of Dr. Roy’s deposition; it shows exactly what I propose to delete. ... You will notice that I have excised everything to do with the gasoline on the body issue. I am not including that in my direct examination.

Further, I will not offer Bill Ricker’s opinion on this issue. I am not going to offer any expert testimony to the effect that gasoline was poured on the body. Given this, it seems to be a non-issue in this case. ... I would, once again, object to your questioning on the gasoline on the body issue.”
What a joke—telling Attorney Glazier that he objected to him cross-examining Dr. Roy on the gas issue. Glazier would be more than happy to stay away from Ricker’s opinion that gas was poured on Mike.
     Attorney Popkin never informed me of how he intended to delete nearly all of Dr. Roy’s deposition testimony. I had no knowledge of what Popkin was doing. But while talking on the phone one day Popkin did tell me that he was not going to use Ricker’s testimony of gas being poured on Mike. We had a heated disagreement over it. I couldn’t believe that he actually planned on excluding Ricker’s expert opinion that gas had been poured on Mike. As soon as I hung up from talking with Popkin, I called Mr. Davis. I was still crying when I reached Mr. Davis. When I told him about my conversation with Popkin he assured me that Ricker’s expert opinion would be used—that it would not be excluded. But I didn’t know at that time that Popkin had already had Dr. Roy’s video deposition edited so that there was no mention of gas being poured on Mike.
     Only Popkin's altered video was played for the jury. There was no mention of gas on Mike in either Roy or Ricker's testimony but Roy's deposition testimony of no evidence of trauma, no stab wounds and no gunshot wounds to Mike's body that was burned beyond recognition was played for the jury.
     This was not supposed to happen according to the contract I signed at Attorney Davis’ office: “You should never hesitate to ask questions or to object to anything we do. We will try to keep you informed of every aspect of the work we are doing for you.”
     I had actually suffered mentally and physically when Inspector Ricker testified during his deposition in January of 1990 that gas had been poured on my son. From the lab report that I received from Roger Johnson along with Dr. Ryan’s July 1981 letter, I knew that my son was still alive and breathing when the gas was poured on him.  And Popkin was destroying my lawsuit for emotional distress.
     I believe this was done to cover up whatever the Maine DEA did wrong the night Mike was murdered. Paul Pollard knows what it is. That is why Pinkham, Shuman, DA Cox and the Attorney General's Office is covering up Pollard's crimes.  Roy had been at the AG's office for eleven years when his deposition was done but he left Maine and returned to Canada immediately after his deposition was taken in March. The medial examiner's office is under the jurisdiction of the AG's office and Deputy Fernald LaRochelle refused to allow Chief Medical Examiner Ryan to speak with me.
      What happened the night Mike was murdered that resulted in the state allowing three murderers to walk free and to cover up Pollard's crimes of forgery, firing 5 bullets through a family residence, 2 armed robberies along with accepting  a load stolen rifles, shotguns and dynamite at the Bangor Pd with no charges filed and called an unnamed client.
      I've wondered if Pollard saw the red Pinto that the Maine DEA were driving when it arrived at the murder scene during the time Mike was being murdered?
According to Everett Cross he was listening to his police scanner when he heard a woman say she saw two men walk another man toward the woods before she heard a guns shot and she saw a red Pinto arrive at the arson scene and leave.