“On 1-28-82 at 1615 hours, Attorney Marvin Glazier contacted this investigator [Bangor Police Detective Lt. Roger Bryce] and stated that he had been in contact with the District Attorney David Cox in reference to an unnamed client who had been involved in some burglaries in the past who wished to relinquish some guns that were taken in those burglaries. Attorney Glazier stated that District Attorney [David] Cox had indicated that this arrangement would be adequate. Attorney Glazier indicted that he was unsure of when the property would be turned over to him, but he would make contact with this investigator [Bryce] when he received the property.

On 1-29-82 Attorney Glazier came to the police station and told this investigator [Bryce] that the stolen property was in the back of his car out front. This investigator [Bryce], Det. John Welch [Detective who asked Sharon Sargent if Mike was shot], and Sgt. Stockford went to the vehicle to retrieve the two packages and brought them into the station where the packages were opened. The long package carried by Det. Welch and Sgt. Stockford contained rifles, and shotguns. The smaller box carried by this investigator [Bryce] contained deteriorating dynamite.

At approximately 0830 hours on 1-29-82 this investigator [Bryce] was called by Det. Placella while I was at the District Attorney's [Cox] Office. Det. Placella stated that there was a case of crystalized dynamite in the Detective Division. This investigator [Bryce] went to the Detective Division and observed a wooden box of dynamite (sitting in a cardboard box) on the floor of the division near the back door. One of the slats had been removed from the top of the box and this investigator [Bryce] observed dynamite sticks which had started to crystalize.

This investigator [Bryce] immediately ordered the station evacuated. After the building was secured and Officer O'Halloran was notified and enroute, this investigator [Bryce] enlisted the aid of Sgt. Stockford. Together, we brought the bomb basket and also tried to take pictures of the dynamite. Officer O'Halloran arrived and started loading all our demolition equipment into the department's pickup truck. This investigator [Bryce] loaded the box of dynamite into the bomb basket and Sgt. Stockford and I placed the basket into the pick-up. Officer O'Halloran and I secured the basket. Officer O'Halloran and this investigator [Bryce] safely transported the dynamite to the Bangor dump (with the aid of Sgt. Goodall and Off. Latacz who escorted us. This investigator [Bryce] asked for an ambulance to stand by [sounds serious] and a camera. Pictures were taken and the dynamite was exploded. The dynamite went "high order".