MAY 6, 1986
Cormier: ...Have you seen my brother around, Paul?

Richard: No.

Cormier: Well, the whole thing of it is if these witnesses f****** show up to court... I found somebody to take care of these witnesses for us you know.

Richard: No. Who?

Cormier: F****** Stan*** Pin****. Yeah, he came over to visit me. He’s f******, he’s serious about it too. Serious as cancer.

Richard: What’s he want?

Cormier: I told him I’d give him my f******, give him my girlfriend’s [Carla Phair] f****** car for him doing it. ...He needs to get f****** directions to where the f******, you know, Bob [Robert Smith] lives, you know."

Richard: Where who is?

Cormier: You know Bob. I already got Paul put down in a place in Augusta. Well, not Augusta, Manchester.   

Richard: Is that where he’s living? How’d you find out?   

Cormier: My lawyer. She wanted to get his address so she could f****** get to question him. ...I asked her for his address. She doesn’t know what I want it for. She just figured I want it probably to write him a letter. I’ll write him a f****** letter, a poison pen letter.   

Richard: Does she think Dolan’s gonna show up?    

Cormier: She doesn’t know. He’s back you know.