JUNE 4, 1986
Cormier: ...my lawyer’s been talking to the A.G., you know the Attorney General.  

Richard: Yeah.   

Cormier: You know that f******, that thing I wrote up? Well, they’re gonna bite on it.  
Richard: What?   

Cormier: My testimony against f****** Mr. Pollard for f****** murder.   

Richard: Is that right?   

Cormier: Yes, we got the sweetheart deal. My lawyer. I f****** spent an hour and a half f****** talking to her and f******, her ****** investigator and the f******whole nine yards.

Richard: When are they gonna draw up charges?   

Cormier: Well, we’re gonna have to go to court.

Richard: Who told you this?

Cormier: My lawyer! They don’t have a f****** leg to stand on on you. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Paul is gonna be f******, he’s gonna be – what the f*** do they call it? Not eliminated but his credibility’s f***** anyways.

Richard: Is that right?

Cormier: ...Well the whole thing is if I do go to court on the aggravated assault I’ll get five years. That’s for everything.

Richard: Is that what she said?

Cormier: Yup. Not Christopher Almy, the f******, the Attorney General here. Tom Goodwin. I’ll sing like a f****** bird.

Richard: Think they’ll be able to convict him of murder.

Cormier: I don’t know. I don’t think so but you know what it is f****** everybody’s got egg on their face from this f****** Cochran thing. And they’ll do anything, anything Dick. Anything to f****** do it in.

Richard: How would Paul ever escape from that fire when it was set inside?

Cormier: All buzzed out and he shot him.

Richard: He shot him?

Cormier: I know he did and then f****** flipped out and burnt the place. Remember when what we were thinking? That he f****** shot him and then flipped out? It had to be the scenario that went down.

Richard: ...I talked to Billings. [Richard's defense attorney] yesterday and he told me that he was gonna bring out Paul’s credibility and about the murder, that he’s a prime suspect ...

Cormier: You know what’s f******, you know what [Assistant AG] Goodwin’s all pissed off about?

Richard: What?

Cormier: That they had him at one time and let him go. They had him right after the murder and let him go.

Richard: Yeah.

Cormier: ...All he [Pollard] had to do was shut up and nothing would have happened. Hey, I’m telling you Dick, just tell Percy to relax cause they got nothing on either of you guys.

Richard:  Yup. Paul will go for murder. ... It’s gonna hit the papers like a bastard.” (Laughs)

Cormier: I don’t know man. They haven’t said nothing in the papers about it  now. ...They don’t want the f****** Bangor Daily to f*** this one up. But it don’t matter now, it’s too late. See they don’t want any information at all. Get this: Barry Shuman. He didn’t want to give up any information at all until I spilled my guts.

Richard: No. Why?

ormier: Cause he wants all the information cause it’s his a** that’s on the line.

Richard: Yup.

Cormier: And she said, “f*** you, see you in court” and that’s when f****** Goodwin, f****** Attorney General said, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I’m the one that makes the f****** deals around here.’ Told f****** Shuman to f****** shove it up his a**.

Richard: No s***.

Cormier: So he’s f****** in the s*** again.

Richard: In the s*** again. ...I heard that me and Percy were gonna be tried together. My lawyers are still trying to fight that because his lawyer’s taking a different strategy than mine.

Cormier: DeSanctis wants to cop a plea.

Richard: Oh, he wants to go on a different theory.

Cormier: ...I f****** brought up that f****** Bob Smith aided and abetted in ah...

Richard: Helping Pollard...

Cormier: Made Paul leave the state and f***** the whole nine yards. So he’s involved. He’s in this up to his neck Dick, and that’s why he spilled his guts.

Richard: Why do you suppose he killed him?

Cormier: You know what else he f****** up? He says you know that f****** thing that he took a polygraph about the fire? That’s s***. They only asked him one question. They said, ‘Did you start the fire?’ He said, ‘no’ and it was iffy. ...You know Shuman and f****** Pinkham?

Richard: Yeah.

Cormier: Those f****** two boneheads. They don’t know nothing.

Richard: They had the bird right in their hands and they let him go.  

Cormier: They let him go. They are fools and they’d f****** step over a dollar to pick up a dime.

Richard: Yup. They wanted me.

Cormier: They had nothing on you. They asked me all about you. I said Dick Sargent wasn’t even near, he wasn’t even in the county. So we don’t have nothing to worry about Dick. Just make sure Percy doesn’t cop a plea.

Richard: I’m going up to the prison tomorrow and talk to him.

Cormier: Great. Tell him that this whole thing is all f****** set. That all he has to do is just shut the f*** up.