MSP CPL. Allen Jamison's 1981 Fire Report
MSP Allen Jamison's fire report—2/18/81–2/24/81

On February 18, 1981, 0351 hours, the summer cottage owned by Rose Kenney of 41 Parker Street, Bangor, was discovered on fire. Mrs. Joan Johnson [no relation to Roger Johnson] neighbor, discovered the fire at 3:51 AM and called the Dedham Fire Department. Chief Norman Herrin, Dedham Fire Department responded to the call. On arriving Herrin discovered a male subject leaving the scene via the woods behind the cottage. Suppression of the fire was undertaken and ultimately led to the discovery of two five gallon cans of gasoline outside the building. This discovery predicated a call to Fire Inspector Wilbur Ricker, FMO [Fire Marshal Office]. Inspector Ricker on responding was only at the scene a short time and was called away to a triple fatal in Bangor.

Later investigation led to the discovery of a body in the ruins of the Kenney cottage.

Ricker stated that Deputy [Elmer] Alto, Hancock SO (Sheriff's Office) had followed the set of tracks left by the individual Chief Herrin observed, through the woods out to old Route 1-A and across same out to Route 1-A and disappearing from there.

February 24, 1981 0930 AM, this Officer met with Inspector Ricker at the Ellsworth Fire Department. This Officer and Ricker proceeded to the Dedham area to contact Deputy Elmer Alto, Hancock SO. Alto had information on a vehicle parked in the area the Tuesday before the fire and photos of the tracks he (Alto) followed. An interview was planned with Alto prior to going to the fire scene for measurements and photos for the follow-up investigation. Alto was not at home at this time. It was decided to go to the scene. [Elmer Alto died within a week to ten days after this and his report and pictures were missing according to private investigator Buchanan.]

Cpl. Jamison’s report states that at 1135 AM, he called the Orono Barracks and “advised Dispatcher Bean that a body had been found and for the necessary people to be notified—more specifically Medical Examiner, District Attorney [I believe that it was District Attorney David Cox who was notified. Cox called Sheriff to have him dismiss Mike's escape before his office closed at 4 pm.], and C.I.D. people.”