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Jamison says that he and Ricker "decided to check the exit to the house as this appeared to be the only way in or out." back door had no stairs and it was 4 feet or more off the ground. However, it is the door that Paul Pollard claims in his 3-3-81 and 2-12-85 statements that he ran out and back inside to get dressed after he woke and found the place on fire.

Jamison's report also states that the door was in the open position and that it would result in a draft for the fire. Ricker also testified that the storm door was locked in the open position and that hinges of the inside door was also in the open position.

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Percy Sargent and Lionel Cormier were never interviewed. Det. Pinkham took a statement from an inmate at the jail who overheard Percy say that he had sent a call to have Mike taken care of.  And Richard Sargent gave me a affidavit he received from Lionel Cormier. In it he tells how they fled the state after Ricker caught them at the murder scene. Richard also gave me a recorded conversation between him and his brother Percy. Percy talks about Cormier being at the cottage before Mike was murdered. And in a letter I received from Richard, while he was in state prison, he said that Cormier said Mike was taken care of and he wouldn't be doing any more talking. I also received a letter from Percy Sargent in 1986 while he was in state prison. He wrote that Pollard was a new suspect. My oldest son, Derry, and I spoke with him and the conversations were recorded.  Yet, Shuman and Pinkham said they couldn't investigate Mike's murder because no one would talk.