February 24, 1981

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At 2300 hours (11:00 pm) on the 24th of February 1981, Pinkham took his first statement from Rose Kenney, co-owner of the cottage and David Dupray’s mother, at the Bangor PD. Mrs. Kenney stated that "she had taken [David] to be arraigned at the Bangor District Court at approximately 0930 hours on February 18, 1981. ... She stated that while at the District Court, a Bangor Police detective [Lt. Roger Bryce] approached her and her son David and asked them about their cottage burning during the early morning hours. Mrs. Kenney stated that, up until this point, she had no knowledge of the cottage being burned, nor did her son David." 

I spoke with Rose Kenney and when I told her that Mike lay under the pile of fire rubble for six days, She said "Oh my God! Mrs. Cochran where was he? We dug through that rubble. Rose Kenney and her son, David Dupray, were told about their cottage burning a few hours after Mike was murdered. They had days to check through the rubble before Ricker and Jamison returned days later.  Ricker also said animals visited the pile of fire rubble. 

Hartford Fire Insurance interviewed the owner's of the cottage (Rose Kenny and her son David Dupray) and in Dupray's interview he said it was Bangor PD Det. Bryce who visited him and his mother to tell them their cottage burned the morning Mike's body was found.

This officer made arrangements to get medical records from the Eastern Maine Medical Center at Bangor and also dental records on Micheal Cochran, the suspected deceased, and forward them to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in an attempt to make positive identification of the deceased. On this date this officer received a call from the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Ryan, stating that he had positively identified the deceased as Micheal Cochran and arrangements were made to notify the next of kin.

February 26, 1981

This officer interviewed Robert Elrick an inmate at the Penobscot County Jail.  And in that statement Pinkham writes that "Elrick stated that the night that Percy Sargent was arrested on drug charges and brought to the Penobscot County Jail, that he had overheard an inmate by the name of David Harrington, who was doing time for operating under the influence and Percy Sargent talking Sargent had stated to Harriman that he thought Michael Cochran had set him up for the drug bust and that he (Sargent) had already made the call out to have Cochran taken care of."