May 24, 1989  

Fire Chief Norman Herrin's deposition  May 24, 1989
The first deposition in preparation for my lawsuit started with Fire Chief Norman Herrin on May 24, 1989. His deposition was videotaped in his log home at Phillips Lake and at the murder scene. I was told that his cottage was constructed of the same type of logs as Dupray’s cottage. Herrin had lived at Phillips Lake for many years and his cottage was only a short distance from the Dupray cottage. I arrived at Herrin’s home after Attorney Popkin, but before Attorney Marvin Glazier.
Paul Cormier Pollard's deposition  July 24, 1989
Pollard’s deposition was taken at my attorney’s law offices in Augusta—Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. It was the 24th of July, my birthday, and I spent most of it sitting across the table from the little fat outlaw. I don’t think he looked at me one time and we didn’t exchange a word. Popkin had told me that I was not to speak to him. Pollard’s deposition consisted of 174 pages and 72 times he answered questions with “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall.” He produced no documents relating to immunity on the armed robberies or Mike’s murder, no financial records, cancelled checks, criminal charges or traffic offenses, income tax returns or photographs. He said he had nothing.
Owen Pollard's deposition   August 1989
On August 30, 1989, Owen Pollard’s deposition was taken at the law office of Jed Davis and Jim Mitchell P.A. in Augusta. He was mostly questioned about Paul Cormier Pollard's half-brother, Lionel Cormier, and whether he had set the fire. 
My conversation with Det. Shuman November 1989
Court transcript of  Gray's deposition December 1989
Linda Gray's deposition December 1989